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Facts and Questions 

What size storage shed do I need for my specific needs? 


Knowing what size of shed you need depends on several factors, such as how you plan to use the shed, the amount of space you have available in your yard, and the items you want to store. Here are some steps you can follow to determine what size shed you need: Determine the purpose of the shed, take measurements of your yard to see what size will fit, figure out what you are going to store, and think about future needs. We have never met anyone that said they wish they went smaller!

How will my shed be delivered and how will it fit through my gate/fence?

Your new shed will be delivered on either a 24 foot gooseneck trailer with a Cardinal Mule (think of this as a dolly for a large building) or an Izuzu Flatbed Truck, similar to a wrecker. Normally, all of the Aluminum Portable Buildings will be delivered on the Flatbed truck and the Wood Siding Buildings delivered on the gooseneck. Generally, for clearance to deliver, the space your delivery driver enters through needs to be 2 feet wider than the building. If you have an 8 foot wide building, the driver needs a 10 foot opening. If it is a 12 foot wide building, the driver needs a 14 foot opening. The height clearance needs to be 13' from the ground to any obstructions including, cable or power lines, limbs, soffit of the house, etc. Make sure all fill lines, septic tanks, wet spots, and sprinkler heads are clearly marked if you think they may be close to the path for delivery.

Does Banner Buildings offer build on sites?

Yes, Banner Buildings will build any size building you need on site if there is anything stopping a building from being delivered, whether it is a fence, to small of an entry between houses, to steep of a hill for the delivery truck to go down, new construction, etc. 

How long will a portable storage shed last and what is the warranty period?

Aluminum Portable Buildings - This is Banner Buildings longest lasting product, the siding, roofing, and trim have a lifetime warranty against rust and leaks (excluding Mother Nature or improper use). On any Build on Site, we have a 1-year workmanship warranty.

LP Smartboard Siding - 50 Year Limited Warranty. LP Smart Siding is known for its durability and strength. It is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rains, hail, and extreme temperatures. LP Smart Siding is designed to resist moisture, fungal decay, and termites, which can all cause damage to traditional wood siding. Additionally, LP Smart Siding has been tested and certified to meet various building codes and standards. LP Smart Siding can provide long-lasting protection for your home or building.

    *See Bottom of Page for more Warranty Info

How do I maintain my portable storage shed and what kind of upkeep is required?

Aluminum Sheds are the least maintenance, every now and then use soap and water to clean the aluminum siding and remove any debris like pine straw and leaves that have accumulated on the roof. This will ensure you get the best results out of your building.

To get the best results out of your wood siding building we suggest that a new coat of paint is applied every 4-5 years to ensure that the siding is properly sealed. Like the aluminum building, it is good to clear debris off the roof every so often. 

Can I move my portable storage shed to a different location?

Yes! We will move any portable building you buy from us and we also will move other portable buildings as long as our equipment can handle it properly. 

Can I use a portable storage shed for other purposes besides storage, such as a workspace or living space?

Yes! Our buildings can be used for whatever you desire, whether it's a workshop, tiny home, or even a chicken coop. Our buildings our easily customizable with many options including; insulation, porches, roll up doors, 9-Lite Doors, A/C cutouts, work benches, lofts, shingles, steel, or aluminum roof, and many different color options.

Wood Building Warranty

A 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defects, such as leaks, daylight gaps, etc. Warranty can be void if building has been tampered or modified by an external source 

Steel Portable Building Warranty

5 Year Construction Warranty: Banner Buildings warrants against defect in workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase. 

10 Year Roof Leak Warranty: Banner Buildings warrants the steel roof to be free from leaks for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

20 Year Rust Through Warranty: Banner Buildings warrants that the steel siding will not rust through and/or structurally fail for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase. 

Steel Permanent Structure 

90-day Workmanship Warranty: Banner Buildings warrants that the structure will be free from any and all defects in workmanship 90 days from the date of installation.

1 Year Door and Window Warranty: Banner Buildings guarantees that all doors and windows will work as designed for a period of one year from the date of installation. 

1 Year Roof Leaf Warranty: Banner Buildings warrants the building to be free from leaks originating at the roof for one year from the date of installation. 

20 Year Warranty: from the date of installation, the structure will carry a 20-year rust through warranty. This warranty shall be expressly limited to framing elements and roofing materials (normal user care and maintenance are required by the buyer).

40 Year Warranty (upgrade purchase required): Roof panels carry a 40 year chalk and fade resistant warranty from the date of installation. This warranty is limited to chalk and fading of roofing materials (normal user care and maintenance are required by the buyer). 

Please Note: Warranty terms and exclusions may apply. See Complete Terms and Conditions.  

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