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Hand Crafted Gazebos

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We take immense pride in showcasing our  hand-crafted outdoor gazebos. Our gazebos are meticulously constructed with precision and care, offering a timeless addition to your outdoor living space. 


Craftsmanship Excellence: Our commitment to quality and aesthetics is evident in every gazebo we create. Crafted from #1 pressure-treated pine, our gazebos are a testament to superior craftsmanship. We mill and dry the lumber meticulously to minimize shrinkage and ensure tight, sturdy joints. The edges are rounded to enhance both the beauty and mobility of the gazebo.


Construction: Our gazebo's structural integrity is paramount. The main structure is fastened with screws specifically designed for compatibility with ACQ-treated lumber, ensuring longevity and stability. Most rafters are robust 2x6s, providing additional support for the roof. Decorative support braces add both visual appeal and structural strength.


Versatility in Builds: We understand that each customer's needs are unique, and that's why we offer both on-site builds and standard delivery. Whether you prefer a professional installation at your location or a convenient delivery, we have you covered.


Contact Us for More Information: To learn more about our customization options, pricing, and delivery or on-site build options, please fill out our contact form below. 

Gazebo Options


Asphalt Shingle Roof 

29 Gauge Steel Roof 

12x18 Oval, Painted, Double Roof Shingles, Benches.jpeg



Clear coat available*


Custom Colors Available*

Other Options



10x10 Octagon

Bug Screen

Double Roof

Double Glider




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